Techpreneur (IT Consultant)

From Esiri


His career summarizes work ethics in one word, outcome-driven.
A well qualified Software Engineer Looking for Web Development, Technical Support, Digital Marketing, Smart Automations or Full Stack Applications Development Opportunities that require any of the following skill sets:

Areas of Professionalism

Software Services

Digital Product, Figma UI/UX Design, Agile - Software delivery Lifecycle
Custom MVP, WordPress, Shopify
HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery
Reactjs, Nextjs, Html, Css, Javascript, Postman, Node js, Npm
Heroku, Google Cloud, Github, Shared Hosting, Debian OS, Node Js
Sales funnels, SEO, Content Creation, Copy Writing, Keyword Research, Data Analytics
Control Systems, LAN & Wireless Networking, Security, Audio Visuals, Lighting, Technical Support

Handles any part of process with ease. An effective Communicator, Collaborative team player with excellent technical support abilities offering 9+ years of related experience.

My Experience

2019-2022 (Full Time)
Terra Kulture
IT Support
Digital Marketing
Web Developer
  • Responsible for introducing and educating members of staff on digital marketing
  • Responsible for increase in user traffic by 25% in first quater of 2022
  • Responsibe for optimizing pages using effective keyword research.
2022-2022 (Contract)
Castles LifeStyle
Web Developer
Digital Marketer
rank maths
  • Responsible for building a custom search engine based on users needs
  • Responsible for building a custom magazine filtering system.
  • Responsible for integrating google maps functionalities to track properties onsite. 
2016-2022 (Contract)
Ion Codex
IT Consultant
Technical Support
Product Design
  • Responsible for representing clients on product ownership. 
  • Responsible for taking clients through the project delivery lifecycle.
  • Responsible for closing clients and cold calling.
  • Responsible for product Management.
2017-2022 (Contract)
Lifestyle Technology
Automation Programmer
Web Developer
  • Responsible for overseeing the training and development of staff about all things automations.
  • Also responsible for programming control systems by making all the components of a smart home work as one with the push of a button.

More than just hype

With 8+ years of experience in web development, software product/project Management and digital marketing. He has specialized in front-end user experience, writing copy that drive brand visibility, growth, and consumer outreach for diverse industries, Brands, Companies and organizations, he’s confident that he’ll be an excellent choice for your company’s next business development provider utilizing any of his given cabalilities as a software engineer. 

He also believes in a principles that modern problems requre modern solution especially in Nigeria where he’s from. Technology is constantly evolving and he loves to embrace that. 

From Developing a Sales funnels, digital Products, to building print on demand and drop shipping sites to creating keyword-optimized content and increasing website traffic, resolving target audience objections, to improving online presence and implementing digital media strategies, he’s adept at building targeted campaigns that produce record-high campaign response rates. 

A highly skilled & organized I.T professional with character, imagination, sound etiquette and working knowledge of modern software development techniques. A Programmer with a passion for automating and a Sales Driven individual who enjoys  generating revenue for all parties. Also, he is a key team player, tech lead and data analyst. 


Selected works

Esiri’s strategy for success: effective communication, a global vision, and hard work.

He stongly belives results are nothing without outcome. A determined sales and markering driven individual. 

Sales Funnels | SEO | Copy Writing | Keyword Research | Data Analytics | Paid Ads | SEM | Content Marketing
Drop Shipping | Digital Products | Print on Demand | Oil and gas | Love and Relationships | Marine Services | Beauty and Fashion | Real Estate | Charity Foundation
Control Systems | LAN & Wireless Networking | Security | Audio Visuals | Lighting | Technical Support
UI/UX | Logos | Social Media Posts | Digital Planner | Brochures | Style Guides | T-Shirt Design |
Video Editing | Render Animations | Typograhy | Infographics
Reactjs | Nextjs | Html | Css | Javascript | Postman | Nodejs | Npm
VAS | VPS | PHPMyadmin | WHM | Heroku | Github | Postgres | Node